Gallery K Opens On Broadway In Fort Wayne

Gallery K

Gallery K

Fort Wayne sculptor Kristina is sharing her body of work in her newly opened space, Gallery K.“I basically grew up in an art gallery,” said Kristina, who just goes by her first name. She gets emotional while talking about her inspiration, her grandmother, a fine artist.“I didn’t recognize how fortunate I was until I was older,” she said during a May 20 grand opening of the gallery, 2445 Broadway.



What does Gallery K feature?

Gallery K features some of Kristina’s work that’s dedicated to the female form and brings to light the issue of breast cancer. One is “Fruits of the Spirit,” a black steel sculpture that on the back of the 3D torso includes words of emotion, including “Hope” and “Angst” and activities that include “Dance.” Some of her work includes botanical elements, including real flowers and leaves. When people ask, “Won’t those come off?” she tells them, “It will last just like in the environment. The better care that’s taken of it, the longer it will last.” The gallery carries other national and local artists’ work as well.

Hours of operation

The gallery will be open 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Thursday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, and by appointment. Contact Kristina at or 260-210-2544.

Additional information

Kristina is building a website for the gallery and currently has images of her work on Instagram at See information on the gallery at Facebook,

She plans to provide corporate art planning, in-home design/art consultations, studio visits of featured artists, art auctions and gallery rental for special events.

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